Just like everyone else, I was really excited when I learned that a Popeyes restaurant was opening in Duluth!

This news was announced back in early 2021 and after the year we had prior, this was definitely welcome news! The Development Tracker first broke the news and shared it would be located in a new development in Duluth.

The development is located on the corner of Central Entrance and Anderson Road, located right across from Cub Foods and Caribou Coffee.

The other day I was driving past these spots and remembered that a Popeyes was supposed to be opening at some point. I haven't heard anything since the initial announcement so I was curious as to whether or not it was still happening!

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I should add that the original announcement stated they were going to begin constructing the location in the spring, so now well into summer, it made me a little weary that it may not be happening. After a little digging, it looks like the restaurant will not be opening any time soon, if at all.

The last time there was a mention of the Popeyes location was back in May. The Duluth News Tribune reported that plans for the new location hit a snag of sorts because planners were told they had to tweak their drive-thru plans. According to their report, organizers of the space wanted a two lane drive-thru because most of the business for the company comes from drive-thru orders.

The DNT reports that only a single use drive-thru lane was allowed and any exception would have to be brought about via a zoning change or through the Duluth City Council. A representative for Popeyes said it was a "definite concern" that they couldn't go ahead with the restaurant as planned.

I reached out to the leasing specialist in charge of the new development and asked if a Popeyes was still opening. They responded and said they "are working through details on this development" for now.

Popeyes has other locations to get your fix in the meantime but not in the Twin Ports. You will have to travel to Minneapolis, St. Paul and St. Cloud.

I guess we will have to wait and see what happens in the next few months. As for if a Chick-fil-A is coming to town, since you know you've been wondering, there doesn't seem to be any immediate plans for one. Sigh.

In March, rumors were spreading that a different and equally popular fast food restaurant was coming to the Twin Ports! The Development Tracker was answering questions on social media when someone asked if a Raising Cane's restaurant had plans to open in the area.

At the time, they said one might be coming to Duluth "sooner than we think" and we all rejoiced. In case you don't know, Raising Cane's only sells fries, refreshments and chicken fingers. It is delicious!

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