The K-Mart in West Duluth closed back in 2018 leaving a lot of the residents in the area wondering where they are going to go for last minute shopping needs.

I was never a huge fan of the Big K stores, however it was very convenient for West Duluthians. Growing up in the area, whenever my mom needed any last minutes items like replacement towels or maybe a smaller appliance like a crockpot it was so easy just to run to K-Mart quick.

Sears Holdings Corp. announced back in 2018 that they were closing 72 of their locations, and one of them being the West Duluth store. They also closed their Sears location at the Miller Hill Mall the same year.

It's still weird to drive by the empty building and every time I do, I get flooded with memories of my childhood running through there to pick up things we forgot at other stores. I'm a little surprised nothing has moved in there. I know U-Haul moved into the old K-Mart spot in Superior and I believe it was rumored to happen in this location too, but it never happened.

Believe it or not, they also had some pretty funny commercials back in the day:

Check out my other favorite one:

Now back to the reason why we're here. In this video you can see broken ceiling tiles, some lights not working and marks on the floors where all the shelving used to be. According to the video, there was an antique/thrift sale going on at the location. Check it out for yourself below.

Here's What People Want To See In West Duluth's Closed Kmart Location

The Kmart in Spirit Valley closed several years ago. It's sat abandoned since, and it really is a waste of good space right in the heart of West Duluth. I recently asked our audience what they would like to see in that location in the future. There were many passionate responses.

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