The warm summer days haven't hit yet. While you are stuck indoors, make the most of it. You might have some things that could make you some extra cash, and all you need are the tools. They are right at your fingertips. Here are some ways and places you could make some money on your old or unwanted things.

Let's start with your clothes. What can you do with them to make some money. If you have a lot, donate and ask for a receipt. You can go online and use a clothing donation guide from Goodwill, from what I found out you should use the low number for used clothing. You can hold on to them and price them for a rummage sale at a later time.

Update your old tech stuff, and sell it to a refurbishing store. You might not make much, but you might be able to trade in and upgrade you old laptop, and someone else looking for something cheap for their kids to play games on will be happy you did trade in. Look at re selling your phone, so many websites nowadays will buy your old cell phones, or let you trade them in giving you fair market value.

Jewelry is a huge money maker if you are willing to part with old jewels, sometimes you can make money off people looking for old costume jewels, or just old necklaces.

Ebay can help with some of your old music or tech stuff. More and more people are finding collectors of old video games, books and other junk! (One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, and his wife’s headache). I see people getting good money selling 80s gaming systems. A good way to find the value of something is to see what people are paying on

Craigs list has been a savior to a lot of people, you can get rid of so many things you don't want and people will pay cash. Below is a video to learn more.

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