Gina Lee, came by and sang in our KOOL studio backed up by Jane Aas, and Rose Hoene. All Featured on the latest Christmas By The Lake volume 9, which is a double cd and benefits the Bluebird Foundation.

christmas by the lake fb used by permission

The Christmas By The Lake CD features 41 songs this year and is on two discs. The CD raises money for the Bluebird Foundation, which helps kids who are interested in the arts follow thorough with a financial grant. Seems like all the school systems across the country are cutting money going for the arts while raising it for sports programs.The Bluebird Foundation wants to raise awareness of the problem and also to reward kids that are pursuing the arts.

Each lady talked about their solo work on the album, and the Edsels work on a previous album. Rose is also on the Bluebird Foundation board.

If you would like to order the cd click here.



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