Hear The Amazing African Children's Choir In Superior
One thing that always sparks a smile is children and when those children are entertaining with amazing voices it's even better.  Get ready to smile because a group of children will be traveling to Superior for a special concert designed to help Africa's most vulnerable children.
Lions Club Pancake Day Thursday, Enjoy The Pancake Day Blues
Bill walks around and pours coffee, chat's up the latest stories in the news and offers advice on things, but if you stop him and ask him to, he will sing this orginal song, and he may ask you to sing. To help you out, here is the song so you can learn the lyrics. Obviously, when he did it, I n…
How A Mom Would Sing “Let It Go”
Just another reminder that being a Mom is one of the hardest jobs anyone will ever do. Here is a great way for the kids to listen. One of the biggest songs of the year, and one that every kid knows the lyrics for, another version for the Moms. I bet the Moms will learn these lyrics......

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