Steve Gonsalves has made a name for himself as a paranormal investigator by putting in the time.

He started on Ghost Hunters, and now in the new incarnation, Ghost Nation on the Travel Channel. The first episode featured the trio (With Jason and Dave) look into a haunted farmhouse and a witching tree.

The tree is supposed to have been where a few women reputed to be witches were killed and buried. The group hires some cadaver dogs to come by and see if they can smell a human body below the dirt. In the farmhouse, there are a man and woman that haunt the family. So, the trio looks up some of the past owners and get some hits from one of them. As for the tree, they dig it up and don't find anything, but they couldn't dig as deep as they wanted to. Steve says they may return to film the family digging deeper.

I talked with Steve Gonsalves about the difference between Ghost Hunters and Ghost Nation. He said it's more about helping people who don't understand or don't have the tools to deal with the hauntings. The locations are determined by investigation groups that have tried to help and couldn't. Some of the individuals in the hometown groups will be on the show to help and explain the story.

I asked if they were going to be investigating smaller locations and he said no, they still have a prison on the docket.

How did Steve get started in all of this? He told me it was the movie "The Entity", then he started reading books and eventually did it himself.

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