I posed a question on Facebook asking people to tell me where the first place they would go if they could go out now, we had a clear champion.

We had a long list of places people wanted to go to. Now Keep in mind, some of these places are open now, but I am talking about going in and sitting down and having the "Dining Out" experience. It seemed that people really like Mexican food because I had many Mexican places. Some people said to go to other relative's houses. Some people said they were looking to get out and would drive to Texas or the Twin Cities to enjoy some good food.

I was surprised people didn't mention getting a ton of food and having a big get together and BBQ or grill out at the park.

Mentioned were Lee's Pizza, El Dorado, KDs, Va Bene, Wasabe, Azteca, Earthwood in Two Harbors, Sir Ben's, The Rustic, Julie's, Sammy's, The Zen House, Outback and Taste Of Saigon.

Here's the way they came out:

1. Texas Roadhouse
2. Gordy's Hi-Hat
3.(Tie) Duluth Grill
The Other Place

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