Trolls. Ouija. Battleship. G.I. Joe. My Little Pony. LEGOs — okay, well, that last one really defied expectations, but overall, movies based on beloved classic toys are a real crapshoot. And that’s exactly how Bob Weinstein describes his plan to make a live-action / CGI hybrid movie based on Furby. “I’m rolling the dice and playing for hits,” Weinstein said at the American Film Market before revealing that the “Dimension” part of TWC-Dimension is actually a gaping void to look upon with great uncertainty and existential dread, a place where the realm of man is reflected in infinite emptiness — or so Werner Herzog might say.

Actually, if Werner Herzog directed a Furby movie, I might be okay with it. That’s not likely to happen, however, but according to Variety, a Furby movie is most definitely in the works, with Weinstein and TWC-Dimension hoping to launch — gasp — another successful franchise based on a popular toy. It worked for Transformers, it worked for LEGOs, and it panned out for Hasbro’s Ouija, which not only gave us a surprisingly good horror movie prequel with last month’s Origin of Evil, but managed to deliver a solidly chilling flick inspired by a toy (a spooky-fun toy, but a toy no less).

Weinstein announced plans for his Furby movie during an AFM presentation, which also touted Mark Wahlberg’s Six Billion Dollar Man (from the director of Wild Things, of all things), Robert De Niro’s latest dirty grandpa comedy The War With Grandpa, and Polaroid, a new horror film from the producer of the American remakes of The Ring and The Grudge (as the title suggests, it’s about a haunted camera).

Furby, as many of you know, is a furry little interactive robot toy that is either endearingly weird or terribly unsettling, depending on your age / opinion of robots covered in fur. Personally, I had a traumatic experience with my sister’s Furby in high school, when I shook it around a whole bunch and it made a barfing sound before seemingly making peace with its fate and expiring quietly, with dignity. To my dismay, the toy reactivated more sprightly than before and proclaimed, “Wee! Again! Again!”

Now that I think of it, that’s a pretty decent metaphor for our relationship with movie franchises.