When I was a kid, everyone in my neighborhood had a Big Wheel, except me. I was always left out of Big Wheel excursions and races.

It wasn't until I had a bike that I was able to even up the coolness.....a little. Now as an adult you can own one. It's even the right size for your adult body.

Now you can get a Big Wheel, find all the kids in your neighborhood and ride it right in front of their house and say......" look at me now, I'm cool, you're a loser!!!", or something like that. Maybe it won't make you cool, but it will make your dream come true.

No Really, you can get your own adult-sized Big Wheel. There are different styles, like the one that is a tricycle that looks like a big wheel. My favorite is the one that is an exact replica. Big Wheel Rally specializes in adult-sized Big Wheels.

Now that you are an adult, why not have a big wheel race. A Big Wheel bar crawl. You could have your own Big Wheel gang!!! You could brawl with other gangs, you and the Hell's Angels could meet and the "Beat It" video would break out.

No Really, you can race them. Become a member of the Adult Big Wheel Club, and join in on racing and other Big Wheel events.

Here's some other Adult Big Wheel events and videos.

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