Imagine my surprise when my 6 year old daughter the other day was chanting, "I want to smoke! I want to smoke!" I asked what the heck she was talking about and she pulled out this purple little pipe. It was shaped like a small tobacco pipe, but made of plastic and purple in color. I asked what the heck that was for, and she replied "smoking bubbles."

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The toy was a part of a party gift bag from a kid's birthday party we had been to just a few hours earlier. Let me be clear, I don't blame the parents at all for this, because these were pre-made gift bags that they bought somewhere. I looked through the bag and found a bottle of bubbles, and another bubbler. This one looks like a crack pipe.

I know we have more important things in the world to worry about right now, but you have to admit that this is pretty bizarre. I grew up with candy cigarettes in the 90's before those were banned. I remember as kids we would ride our bikes around town with one of the candy cigarettes hanging out the side of our mouth, thinking we were cool. This is really kind of the same thing isn't it?

Maybe this somehow slipped through the cracks. When I googled bubble pipes for kids I only found a couple of similar things for sale, and they were foreign sellers. Either way, I think I'll just go buy a different bubble blowing wand or toy for my daughter, because I just don't like the fact that she thinks she's "smoking."

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