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Anchor Rips Viewers Who Complained About Storm Coverage
Safety first? Not when there's good TV on. Nancy Naeve, an anchor with KSFY in Sioux Falls, South Dakota decided to chastise viewers who complained when the station interrupted the season finale of 'Once Upon a Time' last Sunday to report on severe weather in the area, including torna…
This News Blooper Is Great for a 10 Second Laugh
This video has all the things we love. It's blissfully short. It will make you laugh. It strongly highlights the importance of correct punctuation. Because when you don't insert commas and periods where they're needed, sometimes you accidentally tell people your coworker was murd…
Wisconsin TV Anchor Stands Up To Bullying Viewer On Camera
Bullying is a serious problem that too often gets overlooked.  Faced with a hurtful email from a viewer, Jennifer Livingston - a LaCrosse, Wisconsin television news anchor - responded to her bully on live television - and helps open the dialogue about this type of harassment.