Add more numbers to the record-ranks of unemployment;  Newsweek Magazine has announced that they will cease publishing their print-edition after the end of this year - ending an 80-plus year history for the weekly news magazine.

Trouble has been brewing for the magazine for the last five years or so - with mergers and redesigns - all with the hope of turning the sagging-profits around.

Editorally, Newsweek has always leaned more "Left" than "Right", and critics have bit hard on the notion that the magazine lost it's focus as the years went on.  A new editor in 2010 tried to shift the coverage of the magazine to include more than just U.S. politics - but was often unsuccessful.

The move to a print edition will include a shedding of jobs at the publication - although you have to read the official press release to the end and then read between the lines to glean that information.

Newsweek’s “Turn of the Page” Means “30″ for Some Staff - Corporate Intelligence - WSJ.