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Diabetes has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years, and not only among adults. As obesity grows, so does diabetes. There are always additional concerns ( family history etc.) but there are new findings that can curb this growing trend. And, they are easy to incorporate into your daily lifestyle.

1. Eat breakfast each morning

Hey, I'm not talking eggs, bacon, orange juice toast and coffee. Make it simple, something like a pop tart, leftover pizza, a couple pieces of fruit works too. According to AARP and Holly Strifer, eating a daily breakfast help to control caloric intake for the rest of the day.

2. Increase Sleep Time

Lack of sleep increases the hormone cortisone, which in turn raises insulin levels causing an imbalance in in blood sugar. According to a University of Chicago study, cravings for sugar and salty food increased 45 per cent after two sleepless nights. Boston Area Community Health Pre Diabetes Studies show sleeping less than sis hours per night is associated with a 60 percent higher rate of diabetes.

3. Watch What You Eat

People who ate hotdogs, sausages, and lunch meat twice a week had a 63 percent higher rick than those who ate them less than twice per month.  Swap those foods out with lots of fruits, vegetables and legumes which reduce your diabetes risk.

4. Toss The Butts

Smoking increases your chances of diabetes by 40 percent. According to a study presented to the American Diabetes Association, smokers who quit, reduced the diabetes rick to that of non smokers in ten years. In other words, quit now.

5. Move It.

Walking is the easiest way to get started. Research shows that just 3500 steps a day lowers your risk by 29 percent.

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