Daylight saving is dumb.  It's been around forever in some form, even pre-dating the 1800s when ancient civilizations would adjust schedules based on the sun.

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During the First World War it was used to reduce energy consumption, and the United States really made it a thing during the Second World War.

It messes with people's moods, can make you feel tired when you shouldn't be, and doesn't do much for saving on energy in present day, per most of the studies I have read.  Yet, we still let our lives be controlled by this ancient practice that really doesn't serve a purpose.  Will it go away anytime soon?  Probably not, though there are groups who push ending it, like  They make some great points and offer up their proposal and links to petition congress for the end of daylight saving time.

One group that is affected by it is dogs.  I'm sure there are other pets as well, but with dogs being the superior pet, we'll focus on them.  Daylight saving time messes with their circadian rhythms just like it messes with ours.  Obviously some are affected more than others, so if your furry family member is acting weird, that might be why.

Last night we were eating dinner with no sunlight, feeling like it was midnight, and my wife mentioned the dogs.  We completely spaced that they might be hungry earlier than usual since the clocks were set back early that morning.  So if congress won't change things because they don't care about us, and if you think they do, you're wrong.  Maybe we should start a petition for the dogs.

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