Is Minnesota next for the 21 smoking age include E-cigarettes
Hawaii was the first state outlawing smoking for anyone under 2,1 California has hopped on board as well,
Do I believe that the 21 and under law will make an effect on smoking? Not to the extent that I think legislators do. I remember being able to get cigarettes and booze, yes it was hard but it did…
No Smoking
As a role model for kindness and generosity, you can't do much better than Santa. But let's face it -- he's not exactly the picture of health. If the jolly old elf can't bring himself to drop a few pounds, at least he's recently given up smoking.
Five Simple Ways To Lower Your Risk For Diabetes
Diabetes has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years, and not only among adults. As obesity grows, so does diabetes. There are always additional concerns ( family history etc.) but there are new findings that can curb this growing trend. And, they are easy to incorporate into your daily li…
Research Reveals Disturbing New Side Effect of Secondhand Smoke
Most of us are aware by now that not only is smoking detrimental to the health who do it, but also to everyone in their vicinity, as secondhand smoke has been labeled a culprit in diseases like respiratory infections, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and lung cancer.
Oops -- and we almost forgot memory loss…

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