One good result of the forever-failing economy:  Even-cheaper eats at your favorite fast food restaurant.

It's not because the fast-food behemoths want to go so low. It's because they have to. After some improvement late last year and earlier this year, the $236 billion fast-food industry — with the notable exception of McDonald's — is mostly heading south, again.

So - where do you need to go and what can you get?

•$10 pizzas. Pizza Hut just re-introduced its $10 any pizza deal. "The environment hasn't gotten any better for consumers," chief marketing officer Kurt Kane says.

•$7.99 pizzas. Domino's is rolling out its Artisan Pizza at a ridiculously low $7.99. Although it now offers a $7.99 deal on large, carryout pizzas on Mondays through Wednesdays, this is the first $7.99 large, three-topping, home-delivered pizza in memory, spokesman Chris Brandon says.

•$6.99 meals for two. For less than $7, Burger King is offering two Whoppers, two small fries and two small drinks.

•$5 subs. On Oct. 1, Subway will bring back its $5 deal on any foot-long, except premium subs, says Tony Pace, CMO of Subway's ad group.

"You have to have strong offers out there in this economy," he says.

•$5 meals.Dairy Queen recently rolled out $5 Mini Blizzard meals, which gets folks a DQ GrillBurger with cheese, fries, medium drink and Mini Blizzard.

•99-cent sandwiches. Taco Bell just rolled out a 99-cent Chicken Flatbread sandwich. "Deals are more important than ever," says Tom Wagner, marketing vice president.

•Freebies. Burger King will happily hand you a free ice cream cone just for ordering its already-cheap value meal.

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