What's next in the fast-food battle?  Burger King has unveiled a sweeter-version of their signature sandwich in Taiwan that has the food industry watching closely.   It's official name is the Hershey Chocolate Whopper and it's getting decent reviews.

While some people may have written the move off as a joke - it isn't.  Although - the name and style of the burger does have humorous origins.  For April Fools Day in 2018, Burger King did announce that they were introducing a chocolate whopper - that turned out to be a dessert gag - "featuring a chocolate cake bun, a chocolate patty, raspberry sauce, white chocolate rings, and candied oranges".  This time around the sandwich is no joke.

According to news sources, Burger King's Hershey Chocolate Whopper is a standard beef-variety whopper patty that has been dipped in sweet chocolate sauce.  Foodies suggest that the sweetness of the chocolate actually helps to bring out the umami taste of the savory beef patty - complimenting each other.

For now, the Hershey Chocolate Whopper is available at select restaurant locations in Taiwan.  It's unclear as to whether or not the company has any plans on expanding the test-offering to other countries - and - there has been no word from Burger King as to whether or not we should expect to see the chocolate Whopper here in the United States.

The sandwich could be considered a hit in Taiwan.  The Hershey Chocolate Whopper "....attracted a 'massive crowd,' with lines almost 110 yards long coming out of the restaurants, and 506 of the sandwiches were sold" during the one-day test period.

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