We had a great summer of riding, a beautiful fall, and since we don't live where we can ride all year now it is time to think about putting your ride to bed for the winter.

No one is every excited to store our bikes and right away we start dreaming of the first day to bring it back out and hit the road. Storing your bike in the Northland winter is not as easy as just putting a cover on it. With some prep work you will save yourself tons of time come spring.

Start out changing the oil and filter and lube it up, your oil breaks down and with broken down oil it can eat at your ride from the inside out. And keeping the parts lubed up will help keep moisture out.
Time to move on to fuel system, simply top off the tank and get Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer, treat the fuel, this is way easier the draining the tank, it’s not that easy to get all the fuel out and you need to treat the inside of the tank to prevent rusting. Using the Sta-Bil will make this job a breeze.
Get your battery either on battery tender or take it out and keep it in a warm well ventilated space, and get the PSI of your tires correct.
Check your coolant level and it is the right mixture because if you are running just water you could come back to cracked head.
Mice and rodents looking for escape from the cold love to make homes in air filters and exhaust pipes, they make Bike master muffler plug, or plastic bags can work just remember to take them out before you start your ride.
Last keep it covered, inside or out, help to keep it clean and pulling it off in the spring it like you found the Holy Grail. The internet if full of how to’s so take some time with your bike and be ready to ride. Only 6 months to riding season again.