Rocketman, the biopic based on the life of Sir Elton John, is officially out, and with that, let us celebrate the musician by taking a looking at the top 5 most memorable cameos the performer has had on the screen.

Tommy - 1975

The Who released their album, Tommy in 1969 and in 1975, they followed with a film. Tommy, the movie is based on the album and features a ton of rock stars including the entire band and other performers such as Tina Turner, Eric Clapton and Elton John. John portrays the Pinball Wizard and performs The Who song in the film alongside Roger Daltrey.

South Park Season 2 - 1998

Sir Elton John plays himself in an episode of the hit animated show. The kids go door-to-door trying to raise money to help their friend, Chef, and they eventually end up meeting Elton John. According to the video above, John wanted to be part of South Park because of its cultural relevance and loved the humor, which was a bit closer to British humor.

The Simpsons Season 10 - 1998

The rock star ends up in Springfield thanks to navigational errors with his private jet. The musician plays himself again in the show and first appeared on the episode titled “I’m with Cupid.” At the end of the episode, he plays a version of “Your Song,” which had to be recorded several times. Despite this, John was very accommodating according to The Simpsons’ showrunner, Mike Scully.

The Country Bears - 2002

Elton John plays himself in this Walt Disney Pictures film about a bunch of talking bears in a country rock band. The pianist is mistaken by one of the characters as a gardener but later they discover that it was actually Elton John. The Grammy Award-winning songwriter has a single song titled “Friends” featured on the official soundtrack.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle - 2017

Sir Elton John is featured in this film adaptation of Mark Millar’s The Secret Service comic book. He shows up right in time to help fight off a robodog. Funny enough, the leading actor for these movies is Taron Egerton, who ends up playing Elton John in Rocketman. This is probably due to the fact that the director for the Kingsman movies and the producer for Rocketman are Matthew Vaughn.

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