Cougars, or mountain lions, are not something you see every day in Southern Minnesota. Recently a cougar was spotted in a field, and Dodge County Sheriff's Department posted on Facebook a warning to stay away from the animals and what to do if you encounter one.

You're supposed to stand and face the cougar and make yourself as big as possible. Pick up small children right away, and if they do attack you, fight back aggressively.


While this sighting is on the other half of the state, it is well known among outdoors people in Northern MN that mountain lions and cougars are in our area. There have even been multiple trail camera images capturing them, so the advice this Sheriff's Department gives definitely apply to The Northland.

The Minnesota DNR states that cougar sightings are very rare, and they have no evidence of a breeding population in our state. They say that any cougars that are found are transient from the Western Dakotas.




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