The Minnesota Twins announced they had non-tendered the left fielder due to the raise he would have been due, according to their website.

Non-tendering means they don't offer him a contract and that makes him an immediate free agent. It's sort of like cutting him but it just sounds to me like they say, we love you, but we can't afford you.

The Pioneer Press reported that Rosario took to social media to say goodbye to the only fans and team he has known for his career. According to a press release from the Minnesota Twins, Eddie was their fourth-round pick in 2010 and began playing for the Twins in the major leagues in 2015.

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According to the Twins website they said they would still be in talks with Rosario, but truthfully if they non-tendered him, they probably will offer less than what he is due which is upward of $10 million. With the Twins non-tendering they won't have to face arbitration, had they gone through that, they might have had to pay that kind of payday.

According to the Twins website, they have a top prospect ready to go. Alex Kirilloff is one of the options they have waiting to fill the position.

Rosario showed the class that many people have seen in his character, according to his social media posts, he thanks the Twins organization and the fans for always being behind him and for the opportunity to play and to learn to get him to this point in his career. Just looking at his tweet alone, fans and other well-wishers had plenty of good things to say to him and about him. Jorge Polanco and Luis Arraez also left him messages about his character and skill.

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