A variety of local organizations recently benefited from COVID-related funding available through St. Louis County.  According to information released by the county, they awarded $2.8 million in federal CARES Act funds to 51 different community organizations.

From the looks of the information released, the dollars will be put to good use.  The various agencies that were on the receiving end of the CARES Act funding provide a range of shelter and other services throughout the county; since the COVID-19 Pandemic began, these organizations have been helping to serve populations that have been disproportionately impacted.

The dollars awarded to these organizations will be used in a variety of fashions - all of which tie into response to the public health emergency.  From PPE to cleaning supplies, physical modifications to funding for additional staff, the money will help the organizations' budgets accommodate expenses they couldn't have foreseen.

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St. Louis County Commissioner Patrick Boyle - who also chairs the Health and Human Service Committee - shared the county board's thought process:

"The pandemic has created a particularly difficult situation for so many of our partner agencies.  They are facing increased costs at the same time their services are needed more than ever. So I appreciate that the County is able to help them as they are on the front line helping the people who've been disproportionately affected by COVID-19."

The $2.8 million in CARES Act funding represents additional grant money from the county.  Earlier, St. Louis County has granted $1.8 million to area schools and $6.2 million to small businesses in the area.  To see the complete list of recipients for all of the money - both the new grant money and the previous dollars - click here.

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