There are a lot of families that get real trees and decorate them, here are some tips for getting one that looks best in your home.

Some people like to cut their own tree because they think it will be fresher, there is not a lot of truth to that. Every tree seller has said that once you cut the bottom off the tree you freshen the tree.

Before you head out the door to get the tree, think about where it is going to go and get some measurements. Better Homes and Gardens says you should pick a low traffic area or use a space that you can move furniture out of it and not disrupt the flow of your home for traffic. Measure from the floor to ceiling and the space around the area so you don't buy a tree that is too thick or hangs over the arms of your couch or into your lamps and starts a fire.

The Tree Care Industry Association says you should pick out a tree that gives you a foot of clearance above the tree so you can put a topping on and still have room so it doesn' rub on the ceiling. Also, if the tree drops a lot of needles, you want a cool dry place in the room so it doesn't become a fire hazard.

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The TCIA also says that you should bring plenty of rope or plastic or something to secure the tree to the roof or back of the vehicle that you are using to bring the tree home. Don't rely on the tree farm or salesperson to tie it on, chances are they don't have anything that will hold that tree on.

The next thing is, prevent wind damage. Dee's Nursury says you should wrap it in a huge plastic bag if you don't get something from the place you purchase it. Sometimes they will put it in mesh, which is perfect. Place it on the roof or cab with the stump facing forward to streamline it in the wind.

Dee's Nursery says a vehicle with a roof rack is best because you can secure the tree to it at several places along the length of the trunk. For those that drive a car that doesn't have a rack, open the doors (not the windows) and tie the tree to the roof with a rope making sure the rope passes through the inside of the car.

If you are buying from a tree farm the staff might know a few tricks, I know I have learned a few things from them. They may even know some specialized knots and fastening methods you haven't thought of. If you're not used to carrying objects on the roof of your car, slow down.  The tree could cause your vehicle's center of gravity to change. I've had that happen when I've moved with couches on the top of the car.

Then when you get home, make sure the tree is secure in the tree stand so that it won't fall over on its own during the night or when you are at work. Also, get it in water immediately after you cut an inch off the trunk to freshen it up.

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