I have a few ideas but I also have some studies for you. I have several theories. One of them is we have a purpose. We are buying, or knocking out a list, we are busy, we are thinking of others, we are making others happy. There's something to be said for seeing a smile on someone's face that you helped put there.

All the music is uptempo and happy. It's all about enjoying the season, having fun, and being positive with family. Deer finally getting a chance to lead Santa's sleigh. Most of it anyway. It's the most wonderful time of the year, let it snow, Rudolph finally achieves his dreams. We all sing along and smile and it makes us happy.

According to Bustle, Christmas music makes us by more. There's something about that catchy song, we sing with it, we dance in the isles and throw stuff in our shopping cart. It's because we are happy.

So why are we often so happy this time of year? The family has a lot to do with it. We like to feel connected and be a part of something. Memories help, there are a lot of family memories because we gather and put up with each other's crazy behavior.

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I think it's because we forget about what is happing in the world around us and smile and enjoy life for a short time. Kids are better behaved, we are around friends and family and laughing. It will be interesting this year because we can't get together with each other, how will that change the dynamic of Christmas?

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