Local authorities are seeking help in locating a missing person who was last seen in our area.  29-year old Ashley Braaten has been missing since Friday, November 12 and her last known location was in the Duluth-Superior area around 6:00 PM.

Posts from the family started flooding social media over the weekend, and local law enforcement has now stepped in to the search.  Both the Superior Police Department and the Douglas County Sheriff's office are involved.  According to the Superior Police Department, Ashley has been entered into the Federal Missing Persons Database.

Authorities have no reason to believe that Ashley's disappearance is linked to "nefarious activity", but "the circumstances surrounding her disappearance are concerning and many are concerned about her".  The police want to check on her welfare and make sure that she is okay.

Here are the provided descriptions about Ashley Braaten and the important details surrounding her last-known appearance:

  • Age:  29
  • Height:  5'3"
  • Weight:  around 105 pounds
  • Hair:  Blonde
  • Eyes:  Hazel
  • Tattoos:  Numerous tattoos throughout her body
  • Date of birth:  8/2/1991
  • Clothing:  It's believed that she could be wearing a red winter coat
  • Vehicle:  2005 Ford 500, red in color; Minnesota license plate: FEZ001

As reported above, family members have flooded social media with a variety of posts to solicit help in finding Braaten.

If you have any details about the whereabouts of Ashley Braaten or the circumstances around her disappearance, you're asked to contact the authorities.  Specifically, you can dial 911, contact the Superior Police Department:  715-395-7234 or the Douglas County Sheriff's Office:  715-395-1371.

In addition, you can also use the Anonymous Tip hotline - via text; just type "spdtip" - include your details - and send to "847411" (TIP411).  This anonymous tip option encrypts the text message and an alias is generated, masking the identity of the sender from the police; the police have no way of determining the user's identity.

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