Ah, winter.  Love it - hate it - most people generally tolerate it at best.  This is especially true in the Duluth-Superior area where we spend more than half a year experiencing some form of the season.

Perhaps more than any other part of the country, those of us in the Northland have found ways to make the struggle easier, have some fun, and get around - even when Mother Nature is making it extremely hard to do so. When you think of it, it's no wonder that our area has a high rate of outdoor winter participation (ice fishing, snowmobiling, skating, skiing, etc)

We've adapted to the snow and the cold and learned some things along the way.  It's that winter education that allows us to venture out on the highways when it's blowing and drifting a foot of snow, when a quarter inch of the "white stuff" shuts down entire interstate highway systems in other parts of the country.

At the same time, we like to "share the wealth" - or, in this case - share the education.  Like - how do we know whether or not it's going to snow.  And, if it does snow, when will it stop?

Read on for some things that everyone knows about a Duluth-Superior winter.  Some might be new to you (go ahead and tuck those away for future reference); most, though will more than likely be "old hat" to you - especially if you've lived in this area for any length of time.

Things Everyone Knows About A Duluth-Superior Winter

Living here and experiencing the worst that Mother Nature can dish out, Northlanders just seem to know certain things about winter.

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