UPDATE 10:00 AM 12/1/19

Duluth city officials shared an update on Sunday morning that includes information about the no travel advisory. The advisory remains in effect until further notice, and city officials continue to ask the public to shelter in place as snow wraps up Sunday and the lengthy snow removal process continues.

ORIGINAL STORY 9:36 AM 11/30/19

By now you most likely know that this weekend's storm is going to be a doozy. With more than a foot of snow and 40+ mph wind gusts expected, travel is going to be extremely difficult to downright dangerous for much of the day Saturday and into Sunday. Due to this, both Duluth and Superior city officials are urging the public to just stay home during the storm.

On Friday, Superior's mayor used local media to tell residents to stay off the roads during the storm. While city crews have a goal of keeping main roadways as open as possible, there will be a number of side streets that may not get plowed until Sunday or even into Monday.

On the Duluth side of the bridge, city officials released an official "No Travel" advisory Saturday morning, going into effect at noon on Saturday and remaining in effect until further notice. The advisory asks the public to shelter in place during the storm, reminding the public that staying off the roads will not only prevent accidents that can tax emergency response resources, but also keep roadways less busy for efficient snow removal. Similarly to Superior's strategy, crews will work to keep main arteries open as best as possible, but other streets may not get plowed until after the storm. The public is being asked to be patient as crews deal with this heavy snow. In the same statement, officials stated they will be monitoring shoreline flooding in Canal Park as strong winds could once again lead to flooding.

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