It's getting to be that time of year that people are getting out and enjoying the trails and hiking around the Twin Ports.

The City of Duluth Parks and Recreation division is advising the public that all natural surface trails are closed due to annual Spring thaw, presenting wet soil conditions, until further notice. Continued use by any method (foot or bike) will result in damage to these important assets. The City anticipates reopening the trails once surface conditions improve.

This is a safety measure to ensure that the trails are intact when it is time to use them and so that people aren't hurt because of a surface that is unseen to the user. When the time comes the public is invited to enjoy the areas that are closed. It will also protect these areas so that they are in top shape for users in the coming months.

The Lakewalk, Cross City Trail, and Western Waterfront Trail are paved/hard-surfaced trails that are open for use year round.

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