Starting immediately the City of Duluth is requiring face masks or coverings to be worn in certain public places.

The Duluth City Council passed the new ordinance in a unanimous vote and it requires face masks or coverings to be worn in indoor spaces within the city, this includes businesses that are open to the public, and services with public interaction and will also include churches and non-profits.

Exceptions include people who can not medically use a mask or kids under the age of 10. Masks would not be required at schools, restaurants, child care facilities, and gyms.

The council also passed a resolution Monday night that would impose fines for businesses that don't comply with the mask ordinance. Here is how that breaks down.

First offense: $100
Second offense: $250
Third offense: $1,000
Subsequent: $1,000

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The ordinance was proposed by City Councilors Forsman, Tomanek, Kennedy, and Sipress, and was overwhelmingly supported in a survey conducted by the Duluth Chamber of Commerce.

Duluth joins Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Rochester in the face mask requirement.

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