Is the snow done? Maybe not, but cleaning has begun in Downtown Duluth, and the street sweeping will begin.

City of Duluth crews will begin street and sidewalk sweeping at 2 am on Monday, May 13th. It's time to clean away the winter sand and debris that piles up. The Work schedule will be from 2 am to 7 am each day.

This is a joint effort with the city and some of the clean and safe team by meeting the needs of the area and the people that live in it. By making things:

  • Cleaner - by controlling litter, pressure washing, and removing weeds and graffiti
  • Safer - with uniformed visibility, and by reducing panhandling and escorting employees or visitors.
  • Friendlier - by providing directions, providing assistance and furnishing information on retail services.

Here is the schedule:

The sweeper will clean Michigan St, Superior St., First St, Second St.  and Third Streets as well as the Avenues and Canal Park. Each part of this project will be worked on in portions.


To schedule a safety workshop for your business,  building, or community group please email or call (218) 727-8549.

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