According to a well-known cheating website, Mother's Day seems to be the last straw for some women, It's the biggest day for women to start cheating.

The website says the reason falls on a husband that is thoughtless on her special day. It might be more than that. According to the study, they interviewed just over 10,000 women, most of them want to spend time with hubby, 33 percent want time at the spa, the rest just want to be left alone.

I talked some of the women I work with and they said wine night works well for something small. Maybe take care of the house and kids and let her have a girls night out.


If we follow the tips on the website, you could combine all the things women say they want. Get someone to watch the kids, then join her at the spa, and from there take care of dinner and a hotel room. Then, give her some money and let her do whatever she wants

Moms do so much for us our whole life, one day a year isn't too much to ask for a little special treatment.


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