Organizers and concerned parents have established a Go Fund Me site to raise funds to procure and install a security system for Summit School following a third burglary since the beginning of the year.  The school hopes to raise $15,000 to bring security - and peace of mind - to the school located in Duluth's East Hillside neighborhood.

According to information provided on the Go Fund Me page, the school not only suffered the loss of several pieces of technology and equipment, there was also damage done to many of the rooms.

Those who have put together the fundraising page acknowledge that the goal dollar amount is high - but - they suggest that it's to help them provide a system that will last far into the future:

We are raising funds to get Summit School fixed with a security system that matches its needs. This includes a system with alarms to trigger the authorities to catch the individuals harming our community. Summit works tirelessly to have various fundraising efforts that improve the student’s experience and it’s unfortunate that they now have to put security measures into place when they should be worried about raising funds for other educational or recreational pieces.

Yes, this is a high goal but this up front investment will be with us for years to come, bring an end to the break ins, and allow us some peace of mind.

Click here to visit the Summit School Go Fund Me page.

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