Go ahead - order that Domino's Pizza any way you want it.  Extra pepperoni?  No problem.  Extra cheese?  Sure.  Hold the onions?  You bet.  Just don't tamper with their specialty pizzas.

The pizza delivery company on Thursday will launch a TV ad campaign that says "No!" to customers who want to add or remove toppings from its line of artisan pizzas.

The move is a tongue-in-cheek effort to highlight the changes that Domino's Pizza has made in recent years to elevate the quality of their menu.

Domino's push to improve the reputation of its pizzas began about two years ago, when the company overhauled the recipe for its basic pie with a new sauce (more red pepper), cheese (shredded, not cubed) and crust (now with garlic flavor). It also launched an in-your-face ad campaign showing customers in focus groups complaining about the subpar ingredients of the past. One said the marinara sauce tasted like ketchup.

The ad campaign that tells customers "no" to changes to their specialty pizzas helps cast them as "works of art".

The concept is in line with the company's effort to recast itself as a purveyor of high-quality pizza. A voiceover in the ad notes that the company spent years "perfecting the balance on our artisan crust toppings."


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