You've seen and heard the commercials:  Little Caesars offers their Hot N Ready pizzas for $5 - right?  Well, not always.  Sometimes they cost $5.99.  Unless they cost more.

There has been a bit of banter on social media about what the discrepancy is, so I figured that I would investigate the situation.

It turns out that local stores are able to set their own pricing in regards to the menu items.  While $5 is the suggested price for a large Hot N Ready pepperoni, sausage, or cheese pizza - it can vary from location to location.  In this case the $5 in the advertising for the company is a "starting from" price point.

But before you get worked up about the situation, look at this way - even at $5.99, that's still a great value.  And it's hardly like Little Caesars is gouging customers;  Often, they take a loss or make little profit on these "loss leaders".



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