Dole Fresh Vegetables, Inc. has issued a voluntary recall of their bagged "baby spinach" products due to salmonella contamination concerns; Wisconsin is one of the states included as part of the recall order.

The recall was initiated after product tested for salmonella.  A sample of baby spinach gave a positive result for Salmonella - in a batch that was randomly tested by the Department of Agriculture in Michigan.

Specifically, here are the product codes/lot numbers you are looking for:

  • 6 oz. “Dole Baby Spinach bag” with Use-by dates of “08-05-2019,” Lot code “W20308A” and UPC code “0-71430-00964-2”
  • 10 oz. “Dole Baby Spinach clamshell” with Use-by dates of “08-05-2019,” Lot code “W203010” and UPC code “0-71430-00016-8.”

As of this point, ten states are included in the recall:  Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin.  If you have any of the product in question in your possession, you're asked to contact Dole Fresh Vegetables Inc. at-800-356-3111.


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