It's summer in the Northland which means everyone is outside taking advantage of the beautiful weather.

It also means more and more people are biking, taking advantage of our beautiful paths and scenery. Sadly, with this comes a ton of bike theft.

With this, the Duluth Police Department is offering some tips on how to avoid bike theft:

  • Use more than one high quality lock.
  • Make sure to secure both the seat and wheels.
  • Lock your bike to something grounded or permanent.
  • Lock your bike in front of cameras.
  • Consider buying a GPS tracking device.
  • Don't leave your bike outside at night.
  • Take good photographs in case something happens.
  • Write down the serial number.
  • Register your bike with the Duluth Police Department.(You can do that here.)

The tips come after the Duluth Police Department and the Lake Superior Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force nabbed a serial bike thief in the area.

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