The Minnesota woman who (allegedly) created one of summer's most-popular treats has died.  Phyllis Litherland died at the age of 90 at her daughters home in Illinois.  But her legacy lives on strong - especially for fans of the Dairy Queen Dilly Bar.

Litherland and her husband Bob opened a Dairy Queen franchise in Moorhead back in 1949.  Almost from the start, they did things a little differently at the location.  In addition to the usual menu found at DQ restaurants nationwide, the Litherlands offered different items.  When DQ items would be pulled from the menu by the corporate owners, they continued offering them.  They also created some ice cream-concoctions of their own.  In 1959, they developed a dipped ice cream treat served on a stick that came to be known as the Dilly Bar.

Officially, Dairy Queen doesn't acknowledge the couples role in creating the Dilly Bar.  However, locals know better.

The Litheland's operated the Moorhead, Minnesota Dairy Queen until it was sold it it's present owners in 1995.

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