Everyone has something they let get to them, something that bothers them to the point they will say something.

Does someone chewing gum loud get on your nerves? Are you on time and someone you know is always late and you tell them and they are still late? Some people find smoking to be annoying, especially smokers who have quit, they find others smoking to be so annoying, maybe because it's what they want to be doing.

Some people snap their gum, blow bubbles, or just chew like a pig eats.

Some people discuss their most intimate feelings or things that they do that should be kept to themselves. You know these people, they tell you what happens when they eat chili, when they eat too much corn, what procedure they just had. Shut up and keep that to yourself. There is one particular woman at a store I go to who likes to tell you what procedure she just had done. She told me one day she pees her pants when she coughs and right now she had a cold.

Here's what Shari and I said bothered us.

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