I visited and walked through the entire thing, I realized like the Mall of America, you can't take it in all in one day.

Each room had something different. One room has soda, old-school soda, hard to find soda, pop shoppe (remember them?), and so many others.

They have a meat area with special beef cuts, bacon, jerky, and more. Then we move on to the snacks. After that, there is homemade pie. There was licorice candies, chocolate, candies you thought were gone, popcorn, suckers, hard candies, everything you can imagine.

Then, we went into a whole room of foreign candies and gummies and snacks.

I told Sam that I would only spend $60 tops, and didn't even think I was even close to that amount. After getting KISS KOLA and KISS CHERRY KOLA, some fresh home make licorice in many flavors, some Japanese and Chinese candies, some chocolate, and snacks. We spend $59.56!

I want to go back again, obviously, you can see by the pics, that the owner (who was there the day we went) loves super heroes.

You can see them on facebook but I'm telling you, go in person.

MN Largest Candy Store

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