It's that time of the year when the colder weather makes your skin dry and reptilian.  It's frustrating because no matter how much I lotion, I'm still dry.  There's a new way to lotion IN the shower by Nivea and I am so desperate to be soft and supple again, I tried it.  Here's my review:

Before I read the back of the bottle, I pictured showering, shutting the water off and with the droplets of water left on my body I would put the lotion on and pat dry with a towel.  Nope!  The instructions says to cleanse, while you're still in the shower apply the lotion then, RINSE IT OFF under the spray of the shower head.  WWHHAATT????

I thought if this works it is going to save me oodles of time!  First of all, DO NOT apply to the bottom of your feet, cuz're going down!  If you don't like the feeling of slimy, this product is not for you.

I don't mind the slimy feeling and I DO love the time I save by getting it done while standing in the warm stream of the shower water rather than standing naked in the bathroom freezing while lotioning after the shower, but it was my husband that made my decision to dislike the product.

Apparently you should be able to charge the person that showers after you "ice time", because he stepped into the shower after me and almost lost his footing.  Now, he didn't know of my new in-shower lotion product so he just though the bathtub floor was full of soap scum.  We try to split up the household chores and while I clean most of the bathroom, his job is scrubbing the tub.  He apologized to me for not cleaning the bathtub floor and couldn't figure out how it got so dirty so fast.

I had to fess up and tell him about my new in-shower lotion product.  He was relieved to find out there was a very good reason for the bathtub getting so slimy so quickly, but is concerned about how slippery it makes the floor of the tub.  We agreed that I could finish the bottle I have already purchased, but I'll have to go back to freezing my butt off AFTER my shower when I lotion.  Plus, I went to the mall that day and was going to try on some pants and noticed my legs were dry and reptilian again, so it really only made me feel soft while in the shower.

To the credit of Nivea, maker of the product, they do have a warning on the bottle to clean the flooring after each use to avoid slipping and they say not to put it on your feet.  So, the warnings are there, but until you use it you don't understand exactly how slippery it really is.  Plus, I can assure you that the floor of our bathtub is not going to be cleaned after each shower I take.  The other Nivea lotions, the ones that are applied after the shower when you've dried off with a towel is what I'll gravitate to.

That's my review, if you choose to give it a shot, let me know what you think.

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