Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Leslie Frazier named Christain Ponder the starting QB for Sunday. After a dismal couple of years, an even worse showing this year, and a fumble fingers performance this past Sunday, Ponder is again the starter. It makes me wonder what are the Vikings thinking?

How can you explain getting a new quarterback (Josh Freeman) and  not using him now that he is healthy, signing a lousy quarterback (Matt Casell) who has proven that he can't read a defense, and sticking with the Quarterback that holds the ball and looks scared when he is throwing.

It leads me to belive the Vikings may be tanking the season just to move up in the draft. After getting some good picks last year and not using them, having some good picks from a few years ago. The Vikings could get a good quarterback, dump some of the older guys on the team, and finally have the missing piece to put a good team on the field.

In my opinion, the Vikings have made it to the playoffs when they have a good quarterback. It just makes me wonder too, why the Vikings didn't pick up Tavaras Jackson instead of Matt Casell? Yea, I went there. TJack knows the team, they trust him, he has big game experience. He would have been good just for this year.

That is why I think the Vikings have given up. Do they sweep out the coaches too? It depends on who is making these terrible decisions. Leslie Frazier or the GM.