The Minnesota Vikings finally have someone who looks like they could carry this team in Teddy Bridgewater. Some people think this could finally be the guy that will be the next starting quarterback for many years, someone to build the team around.  Who are the top 5 starting quarterbacks over the years?

I think an honorable mention needs to go to Randall Cunningham, he put in only one year, but it was the best record any Vikings team has ever seen. You have to mention Duante Culpepper in the mix because of the magic seasons he had with Randy Moss. Also, I feel Rich Gannon needs to be there too. He struggled with Tommy Kramer and eventually made it to a Super Bowl with the Raiders playing ex Viking Brad Johnson. So Let's start our list.
5. Brad Johnson, looked like he was our savior, got hurt, eventually left then came back. The first quarterback to catch his own pass for a touchdown. His claim to fame, he completed 62% of his passes.
4. Wade Wilson, played ten years with the Vikings and was even named to a Pro Bowl in 1988. He didn't bring them close to a Super Bowl, or put up big numbers every year, I think the fact that he played solid and stayed for so long puts him on this list.
3. Joe Kapp, only played for 3 years but was a leader in the 1969 Super Bowl season. He was given the MVP but declined it saying it was 40 for 60, meaning 40 men playing all 60 minutes.
2. Tommy Kramer, often misunderstood, and rumored to be drunk during a lot of his prime years. He spent most of his career playing hurt but has the second most everything among Viking Quarterbacks. He was on the Pro Bowl squad in 1986.
By: Cindy Ord
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1. I think everyone knows who the top Viking Quarterback of all time is. Fran Tarkenton. He still holds Viking records and some NFL records. Started with the Vikings, went to the Giants, then came back and took the team to a championship level but never won the big game. Was known as the only scrambling quarterback and many were compared to him. He was MVP of the league in 1975 and was inducted into the hall of fame in 1986.