I was so excited to see the movie and have a good knowledge of the history of Queen, so I wanted to see what they did.

Let me say this, I didn't think it was great, but I didn't think it was bad. I thought they didn't spend enough time getting to know the bond of the band. So when Freddy goes solo, you don't feel for them or him. They don't let you get to know the relationships Freddy had. I didn't think some of the people he valued were valuable in his life because they never let you see what the relationship was like. They played a lot of music and made a lot of the movie one big music video. you have to expect that for any music film.

What made him change his name, you could see he didn't have a close relationship with his family, mostly his Dad, but where did he get the name, and why was he so willing to be someone else.

If I had to grade the film I would say a B-, but I would also say, go see it.

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