Cold weather is just around the corner and already many people have started the routine of warming their cars before they get into them.  Whether it's in the morning at home or in the parking lot at work or at the store, the Duluth Police Department sends along the reminder to never leave the key in the ignition of a vehicle while it's unattended; it's makes it too easy for a would-be car thief to drive away with your car.

As tempting as it might be to start your car and then leave it running while you go back inside to stay warm, that unattended maneuver is also against the law; Duluth Police officers who encounter a vehicle in such a manner can give out a ticket for a City Ordinance Violation.  One exception to that rule is for vehicles equipped with a remote car starter or a key fob.

There isn't a good way to creatively get around this rule and safety reminder.  It's also good to point out that many automobile mechanics would offer the suggestion that leaving a vehicle idle in place for extended periods of time isn't good for the engine and also doesn't warm the car up any quicker than driving away.  Car experts recommend a winter car-start routine of turning over the ignition, waiting for a minute or so, and then slowly starting your drive away.

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