The US Census Bureau will host a first time Facebook Event to answer questions and inform the public about the upcoming census.

The Census Bureau's Trust and Safety team will be discussing misinformation and disinformation you may have heard or seen on the internet and set the record straight. They will also talk about the new technologies that will be used to make the census go faster and be easier on the public and the folks taking down the numbers and information.

The Facebook Live event will start at noon Eastern Standard Time, January 30th.

The US Constitution requires that a census of the country be taken every 10 years. The Census will count everyone living in the US as of April 1, 2020, which is known as Census Day.

The Census helps figure out the number of seats to be held in the House of Representatives and how Federal Funds are allocated and spent.

In March, people can respond to the census online or by phone, and a paper questionnaire will arrive in the mail. In April, if you haven't responded online or by mail a follow-up will arrive.

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