Wow!  Can you believe that the Mall of America will be celebrating it's 25th Anniversary?  I still know people that have never ventured to the monstrosity that boasts something for everyone (and it's true)!  Whether you have been there numerous times or are a first timer, you have the chance to take up residence at the Mall of America for five days, how cool would that be?

The recently built the addition of the Radisson Blu hotel and that would be where you lay your weary bones after you experienced all that the Mall of America offers and that's ALOT! You will find you don't have to leave for anything, food from different corners of the world, entertainment, clothing, movies and of course my favorite, shoes!!!  For this contest you'd be given a $400 gift card to use for food and drinks.

What they are looking for is someone to write/blog/video, basically come up with a unique way to relay their experience of living at the Mall of America for five days. In the application process they want to know about you and what your idea would be if you won the contest they're calling Writer-in-Residence prize.  Again, they are opening this up to literally everyone, doesn't matter if you've been there 50 times, one time or never.  Doesn't matter if you write blogs for a radio station on a daily basis (shameless plug for me to win), have excelled at amatuer videos on youtube or have never written but have acted in the community playhouse.  We all have a chance but need to apply by March 10, 2017 at midnight.

As with any contest there are rules, check these out before you apply to make sure it's something you want to do. [contest rules].

After you apply, sit and sweat it out.  They'll be narrowing the field to 25 semifinalists judged on creativity and skill.  Those 25 will have to expand on their concept and that is when they bring in the experienced judges who will chose the final winner.  Good luck and if you win, remember where you heard about the contest.  I want full updates on how it went and if there's a great sale on shoes!

Source:  MOA Events Page

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