Duluth Public Library Cards
You may already have a Duluth Public Library card that allows you borrow books and enjoy all the amenities of they have to offer, so you might not be interested in upgrading to one of the two new designs.  However, if you have children, this would be a great way to put a little spark in that summer time reading interest.
Duluth Library Recipe Exchange
I blogged about the unique holiday cookie exchange that I did recently and everyone seemed to like the idea.  Well, here's another idea that I think is grand and wonder why it wasn't thought of sooner!  A holiday recipe exchange!  Thanks to the Duluth Public Library you can get some new recipes your family will love that has been tested and loved by another family.  Who wants to share?
What Does Baja Mean?
While I don't profess to be an English major,  I have always been fascinated by our language.  I find words and grammar interesting and I like to know more about the language we speak (and write).

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