I blogged about the unique holiday cookie exchange that I did recently and everyone seemed to like the idea.  Well, here's another idea that I think is grand and wonder why it wasn't thought of sooner!  A holiday recipe exchange!  Thanks to the Duluth Public Library you can get some new recipes your family will love that has been tested and loved by another family.  Who wants to share?


In the main Duluth Public Library's Green Room at 520 West Superior Street they'll be holding a recipe exchange on Tuesday, December 20 at noon.  As always, the events held at the Duluth Public Library and it's branches are always offered for free. You don't have to make the dish, just bring several copies of your favorite recipes (I'm sure many will want them) and you'll get several back in return.  Super cool idea!

Whenever I bring my yummy pretzels to a party I get asked for the recipe, this is the one I would share.

Placebo Gardetto Pretzels


2 lbs pretzels (heart-shaped, criss-cross version)
1 pkg of dry Hidden Valley dry ranch dressing
1 T. dillweed
1 1/4 C. extra virgin olive oil
1 T. garlic powder


Mix all ingredients in a large kettle. Keep stirring every few hours over the next two days until all the oil has been absorbed.  (be sure when stirring to get down to the bottom where the seasoning tends to settle, I use a rubber spatula so it's gentle on the pretzels).  ENJOY!

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