Seeing as how it happens every winter in the Northland, you would think that the issue wouldn't need to be addressed;  St. Louis County officials are reminding property owners that it is illegal to push or dump snow onto a roadway.

Already the Winter of 2017-2018 is shaping up to be a snowier-than-usual season.  Unfortunately - with all that extra snow, many people have been getting creative as to where they move the snow from their driveways, sidewalks, and yards.

According to Michael Lopac, Highway Division Superintendent with St. Louis County, it's really a safety issue:

We get it that there's an irony in our message. People love to complain when snow plows leave snow at the end of their driveways, and now we're saying don't push snow into the street.  But this is a real safety issue. It's not that it creates a problem for our snow plow operators. It's creating a hazard for the public.

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