There's a social media phase apparently going around that has people eating laundry detergent pods, for some reason.

There's been some dumb social media trends in the last couple of years but this new one might take the cake. You know those little laundry detergent pods that make guys like me happy because it's made things simple when I need to do a wash? Yeah apparently it's a thing now for people to eat them on social media.

I really can't believe I have to say this right now, but let's not feed into this one, eh? If you're even thinking about doing something like this, just take a look at this statement the American Association of Poison Control put out about this. They stated that "Exposures to Laundry Packets, which are encased in a water-soluble membrane that can burst open, are typically highly concentrated compared to traditional laundry detergent and thus can have significantly more serious effects." Do you think getting those 12 likes on Twitter are worth it? I'm betting they aren't.

Tide even came out with a PSA from New England Patriots player Rob Gronkowski telling people that you shouldn't eat the pods.

I mean if we have Gronk telling you that it's a bad idea, that means it's a REALLY BAD idea.



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